Los Haitises National Park

Located in the bay of Samaná, this park is a must-see in the Dominican Republic, with more than 200 km² of humid tropical vegetation, mangroves, subway rivers, caves and wild islets. It is home to numerous endemic and migratory bird species unique to the country. From the town of Sánchez, you can cross the bay to reach the park and discover the Isla de los Pájaros, the Naranjo River, the mangroves and the Arena and San Gabriel caves.
This park, inscribed on the UNESCO list and called the “Halong Bay of the Caribbean”, can be visited by boat or kayak, with several stopovers on land.

Humpback Whales

Since 1986, Samana Bay has been a sanctuary for the protection of whales. Every year, between mid-January and mid-March, some 3,000 humpback whales come here to breed in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean coast. The spectacle of the 40-ton males leaping out of the water is commented by a specialist who has been following these marine mammals for several years, sharing his passion by helping to observe and understand the workings of these fascinating cetaceans.


The north of the Dominican Republic, and more specifically the Samaná peninsula, is looking towards ecotourism, far from the excesses of mass tourism. This little piece of land, unspoiled by urbanization, has wild beaches lined with tropical trees and lush green mountains. The Samaná peninsula abounds in ecotourism sites, both on its wild beaches and in the interior, with its numerous tropical fruit, coffee and cocoa plantations.

Samana Peninsula Beaches

Las Terrenas is from Playa Cosón to Portillo. Between the two is the town of Las Terrenas which has many businesses of all kinds, restaurants, bars, nightclubs … and above all wonderful beaches like Bonita, Ballena and Punta Popy.

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