The north of the Dominican Republic, and more specifically the Samaná peninsula, is looking towards ecotourism, far from the excesses of mass tourism. This little piece of land, unspoiled by urban development, has wild beaches lined with tropical trees and lush green mountains. To get the full picture, you can leave your bags outside the quiet, bohemian town of Las Terrenas. Here, time seems to stand still, with fishermen spinning their nets like tightrope walkers and thatched huts serving grilled lobster. You can let time pass at the pace of Caribbean life, and find a little coolness in the shade of a coconut tree.


The Samaná peninsula abounds in ecotourism sites, both on its wild beaches and in the interior, with its numerous tropical fruit, coffee and cocoa plantations.

You can kayak and explore the magnificent Cosón Bay and its surroundings, discovering the mangroves and small rivers that flow into the majestic Cosón Bay. You can then continue to the coral reef, where you may be lucky enough to spot sea turtles and even sharks.

Interior of the Peninsula

The interior of the Samaná peninsula is full of ecotourism sites with its numerous tropical fruit crops, coffee, cacao, cocoa, cocoa beans, and other crops, and is also home to a large number of other eco-tourism sites.

Through the tropical forests you can find several waterfalls such as El Limón. With its 50 meters high, it is hidden in the village of the same name, 25 minutes by car from Las Terrenas. Don’t forget to bring good shoes, as it takes 45 minutes to reach the waterfall through the jungle, either by mule or on foot.

Haïtises Park

This UNESCO-listed park is nicknamed the “Halong Bay of the Caribbean”. Composed of a large part of Samaná Bay, a tropical forest, mangroves and several caves, it can be visited by boat or kayak, with several stops on land.

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