Punta Cana and its surroundings offer a lot of great places for diving and snorkeling. From minimum depths of 3 meters to areas exceeding 25 meters, you can find beautiful coral reefs and open water areas inhabited by barracudas, rays, puffer fish, seahorses and turtles, among an endless number of marine species.

In addition, there are several sunken ships off the coast of Punta Cana, such as the Astron, a huge Russian freighter of 120 meters in length that crashed in 1978 off the coast of Playa Bávaro. Or the Enriquillo RM-22, an old US military ship, 44 meters long, which was sunk on purpose in 2006, off the coast of Playa Blanca, to create an artificial habitat for marine life.

The area of Las Cuevitas and El Canal, with its incredible rock formations, or the area known as El Acuario, a reef regeneration project full of life, are also part of Punta Cana’s underwater attractions.

And for those who want to explore more dive sites, Bayahibe, the diver’s paradise is only 40 minutes away from Punta Cana and represents a very good alternative. There you can also enjoy diving in the wonderful islands of Saona and Catalina.

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