Contrary to what many believe, Punta Cana is not on the waters of the Caribbean Sea, but on the Atlantic Ocean, which is why the beaches tend to be windier.

The Punta Cana area begins in the north with Macao beach and continues in the south with Playa de Arena Gorda, Playa El Cortecito and the famous Bávaro beach. When you start the return from the point you will find the beaches of Cabeza de Toro, Cabo Engaño, Punta Cana and Juanillo in Cap Cana.

Here are 3 very different beaches although Punta Cana has many more beaches.

Playa Bávaro

This beach is by far the most famous beach in Punta Cana. It offers miles of breathtaking tropical landscape dominated by the characteristic coconut palm vegetation, fine white sand, surrounded by the turquoise of a sea protected by a spectacular barrier reef.

Playa Juanillo

In the Cap Cana area, Juanillo Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Punta Cana and where you will find the most luxurious lodging options. The area is very exclusive with restaurants, casino, marina and luxury hotels. To the north of Juanillo Beach, past the Cap Cana Marina, is the Ojos Indigenos Ecological Reserve, which is very pleasant to visit as it has natural wells in a beautiful setting.

Playa Macao

Macao beach has a lot of waves and wind, which makes it ideal for surf lovers. There are some restaurants that place tables on the sand and the atmosphere is relaxed. In addition, the environment is very little overcrowded compared to other beaches in Punta Cana, with only a few resorts and quite spaced. There are excursions that tour Macao beach by buggy.

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