When you travel to a Caribbean country like the Dominican Republic, apart from visiting the emblematic places and visiting its magnificent beaches, you should also enjoy the leisure that it offers.
One of the reasons why the Dominican Republic is so well known is because of its music. Lately its nightlife is the main reason why more and more travelers come to visit.

Las Terrenas is a quiet little town where life is good, a paradise for lovers of the sea, water sports, diving and ecotourism, but it is also lively at night. Thanks to its cosmopolitan atmosphere, Las Terrenas offers a wide variety of restaurants where it is very pleasant to spend a good time. Among the best restaurants are Le Tre Caravelle, Grill Chez Sandro, El Diechiocho, La Ola, Casa Azul……

If you prefer to dance and have fun until the wee hours of the morning, Las Terrenas has several discos and clubs where you can have a great time with Dominican music and delicious cocktails. The ideal place if you like music is the Gaia Luxury Club. Gaia, is a super modern and comfortable penthouse type local three levels, on the second floor you will find a cool nightclub, for those who want something more tropical the second level and on the third level you will find something different that you will not find in the town of Las Terrenas a Japanese sushi restaurant, set with good music and a spectacular ocean view. It has been designed to offer your customers comfort, without requiring them to move.

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