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The Dominican Republic is a unique and incomparable destination. A peninsula located on the northeast coast of the country, a different, authentic and always surprising destination, the Samana peninsula.

Las Terrenas is a small town of approximately 15,000 inhabitants, located in the northern part of the Samana peninsula, known for its high rate of tourism and its beaches of fine sand lined with coconut trees and clear waters such as Ballenas, Punta Popy, Cosón and Bonita, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

It is the most visited area of Samaná, a mixture of a dream beach and a small cosmopolitan city. Among the most frequent visitors to the area are Canadians and, above all, Europeans, mainly French, Italian, Spanish and German nationals.

Las terrenas Village

Since the completion of the new highway between Santo Domingo and Samana, people have started to arrive more frequently in Las Terrenas. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours. In addition, the new El Catey airport is open to international flights, mainly for connections to Europe and Canada. This has allowed an important development of the area in recent years.

Las Terrenas is from Playa Cosón to Portillo. Between the two is the town of Las Terrenas which has an impressive variety of hotels, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife with an interesting offer of bars and clubs to dance to the rhythm of good music  Las Terrenas has several paradisiacal beaches such as Bonita, ranked 6th of the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world, according to National Geographic, Las Ballena and Punta Popy that invite you to relax in the shade of coconut trees 

One of the best known areas of the town is the fishermen’s village, an area with many beachfront restaurants. Its name is due to the fact that in the past this locality was mainly populated by fishermen.


Las Terrenas is located on the Samana Peninsula, a tourist destination that has been able to preserve its authenticity and charm nature and ecotourism lovers.

All the clichés about the Dominican Republic are blown out of the water when the traveler discovers this area that oozes authenticity. It is a natural paradise to explore far from any tourist overcrowding.

Virgin beaches, hills with tropical forests, small villages of coffee, cocoa and tropical fruit growers, the Samana Peninsula is a true paradise for lovers of untouched nature.

Profitability and capital gain

Las Terrenas is not as well known worldwide as Punta Cana. However, it can count on a high occupancy rate, both hotel and tourist rental.

The public that visits Las Terrenas is different from the public of Punta Cana. In Las Terrenas we can count on 2 types of properties for tourist rental. He who is looking for proximity to the beach, to nature and he who is looking for a luxury lifestyle in one of the many villas in Las Terrenas.

That is why it is so important for people who are not looking to settle down, but rather to get a good return on their investment in rental properties, to work with a good real estate agent who can advise them on the most attractive areas and properties in Las Terrenas to invest in. If your property is strategically located (near the beach or a place of interest) and has good services, you can make an excellent investment.

Statistics of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic

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