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Nestled along the shores of the Caribbean Sea, between the vibrant capital of Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, lies the picturesque town of Bayahibe and the oceanfront oasis of Dominicus Americanus, just 15 km from La Romana.

Bayahibe and, in particular, Dominicus, have undergone a remarkable transformation with the arrival of renowned all-inclusive resorts and stunning seaside residences.

In 2012, the inauguration of the highway connecting La Romana to Punta Cana brought these Caribbean treasures just a 40-minute drive from the excitement of Punta Cana. As for the capital, Santo Domingo, it is less than an hour and a half from this little corner of paradise.

Bayahibe village

Bayahibe, a jewel by the sea, is a small town that thrives on tourism, especially the exciting excursions to nearby islands. Many local fishermen have changed their course and are now dedicated to transporting tourists to the islands of Saona, Catalina and Catalinetta, making Bayahibe the preferred departure point for agencies that organize these enchanting getaways.

The life of the town is choreographed by the arrival and departure of buses that bring visitors from various hotels in the region, be it Dominicus, Punta Cana, La Romana, Juan Dolio or Santo Domingo. Once the tourists say goodbye, Bayahibe recovers its calm and serenity.

The village itself is irresistibly charming and offers pleasant walks both day and night. Along the promenade, numerous restaurants offer breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea or the picturesque harbor, as well as some lively bars and many excursion agencies and dive centers. Bayahibe is known for its excellent dive sites suitable for all levels.

Despite its rapid expansion, Bayahibe maintains its distinctly Dominican style, where tourists and locals coexist harmoniously. As night falls, locals gather in the colmados (grocery stores/bars) to chat, laugh and share over a good beer, all while enjoying the gentle sea breeze.

In this little corner of paradise, there are only 4 or 5 hotels. However, in recent years many apartment residences have sprung up, turning Bayahibe into a coveted beach resort where everything is close to the sea and within walking distance.

Bayahibe is definitely worth a visit, whether to explore the nearby islands, dive in crystal clear waters or simply enjoy the relaxed life in a quiet Dominican village.

Dominicus Americanus

Dominicus, located only 4 kilometers from Bayahibe by road, is connected to Bayahibe by a charming coastal path of only 1 kilometer. It emerged with the construction of all-inclusive hotels and has been transformed into a bustling resort town, filled with restaurants, bars, colmados (grocery stores/bars), boutiques, casino, pedestrian street and magnificent apartment residences set in lush tropical gardens.

In addition to hotels, Dominicus offers apartment and villa rentals for travelers who prefer a more independent experience rather than the all-inclusive option.

Dominicus is a recent beach resort, well maintained, clean and completely safe. It has become a charming place to stay in Bayahibe, allowing visitors to enjoy the beaches, sunbathe and participate in the many exciting excursions available in the region.

Profitability and capital gain

In just a few years, Bayahibe and Dominicus have been transformed into wonderful tourist destinations. Bayahibe, lively and maintaining its Dominican style, coexists with Dominicus, more exclusive, residential and luxurious. Both have the highest occupancy rates in the country.

Its privileged location on the Caribbean coast, sheltered from easterly currents, its stunning white sandy beaches, the prevailing climate of security and the convenience of having everything close to the sea have made this region a true paradise for those seeking both rental income and appreciation potential in a future resale.

Bayahibe boasts an impressive 89% occupancy rate and you can anticipate a rental yield ranging from 6% to 12%, depending on the location and amenities of the residence you wish to purchase.

Statistics of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic

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