Retire to the Dominican Republic and enjoy year-round sunshine

Planning to enjoy your retirement abroad? Have you ever thought about soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic?

Enjoy retirement in the Dominican Republic

Retirement in the Dominican Republic has become an increasingly popular option for expatriates from all over the world! This growing trend can be explained by the many advantages this tropical paradise has to offer.

On this island paradise, every day is spent in the bright sunshine, surrounded by sandy beaches and a welcoming community.

Retirement benefits in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers a multitude of advantages for expatriates seeking a superior quality of life at a reasonable cost.

Quality of life and climate

The Dominican Republic is famous for its exceptional quality of life, enhanced by a tropical climate that promises year-round sunshine.

Retired expatriates enjoy an idyllic lifestyle, with access to heavenly beaches, lush natural surroundings and a multitude of leisure activities. Social life here is rich, thanks to a friendly local population and a large expatriate community.

This naturally sunny setting contributes to the well-being and satisfaction of living in this Caribbean country.

Health Care

The Dominican Republic offers a high-quality healthcare system. Expatriates can take out private health insurance at competitive rates, guaranteeing access to a wide range of medical services.

Many healthcare professionals speak English, making communication easier for non-Spanish-speaking expatriates. Quality of care and availability of health services are often cited as key factors in the decision to retire to the Dominican Republic.

Cost of living

The cost of living in the Dominican Republic is relatively low compared to many Western countries, allowing retirees to enjoy a standard of living without depleting their savings.

Everyday expenses such as food and transport are affordable. So it’s perfectly possible to enjoy retirement to the full without compromising quality of life.


Safety is a major concern for people planning to move abroad. The Dominican Republic has put in place measures to ensure the safety of expatriates and tourists, particularly in busy areas.

What are the taxes in the Dominican Republic for retirees?

The Dominican Republic stands out for its advantageous tax system for retirees, which contributes to the country’s appeal as a retirement destination. Expatriates who decide to retire in the Dominican Republic can benefit from a number of tax exemptions thanks to Law 171-07, designed to encourage the immigration of retirees and investors.

Foreign pensioners are exempt from income tax on pensions and income received from abroad. This means that your retirement pension, as well as other sources of international income, will not be taxed by the Dominican government, allowing you to maximize your available financial resources.

In addition, the law provides for a tax exemption on real estate transfers. For example, when purchasing property in the Dominican Republic, retirees can benefit from an exemption from the transfer tax, which is normally 3% of the value of the property. This makes buying a property particularly attractive for those looking to settle in the country during their retirement.

Retirees also benefit from a 50% reduction in annual property taxes, which significantly reduces property maintenance costs. In addition, tax benefits apply to the importation of personal property and vehicles, enabling retirees to settle in comfortably without significant additional costs.

These tax incentives, combined with an affordable cost of living and good quality, make the Dominican Republic a prime destination for retirees. By choosing to live in this country, expatriates can not only enjoy a beautiful and welcoming environment, but also a favorable tax framework, optimizing their comfort and well-being during their retirement years.

Find the perfect retirement property

Whether you’re dreaming of a seaside villa with ocean views or a modern condo in a luxury complex, our real estate agency can help you find the perfect property for a well-deserved retirement.

Choose your location

Retirement in the Dominican Republic offers the chance to live in an environment where sun, sea and lush nature are part of everyday life.

Some areas offer specific advantages, such as well-established expatriate communities or proximity to leisure activities.

Areas such as Punta Cana and Las Terrenas are prized for their natural beauty, well-developed infrastructure and rich social and cultural life.

For postcard-perfect views, opt for a property in Playa Nueva Romana, which promises not only breathtaking panoramas but also easy access to top-quality amenities.

Take advantage of our expertise to retire in the Dominican Republic

Our real estate agency, experienced in the Dominican market, will help you find the perfect property to enjoy your retirement under the Caribbean sun. We offer you a selection of properties that not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations in terms of quality, location and appreciation potential.

Our experts offer you personalized support that goes beyond simple real estate transactions. Our aim is to ensure a hassle-free experience, helping you settle comfortably into your new home. This includes assistance in obtaining a loan and opening local bank accounts, help with administrative formalities and making your move easier!

And because we’re convinced that the best way to discover the potential of real estate investment in the Dominican Republic for your retirement is to experience it for yourself, Perez Real Estate is offering a unique proposition: if you buy a property with us, we’ll reimburse the cost of your trip!

This demonstrates our commitment to our customers and our confidence in the quality of the goods we represent. So, what are you waiting for to retire under the Dominican sun? Contact us and let us know what you’d like to do.

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